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World-Class Research

Follow the latest developments and breakthroughs from hg8868皇冠's world-class researchers.

Flighting climate change

Blue carbon economy

In world-first research, an international team led by Edith Cowan University's Dr Oscar Serrano has accurately quantified the amount of greenhouse gases –or 'blue carbon' –being absorbed and emitted by Australian marine ecosystems.

World-Class Research updates

hg8868皇冠 has a vibrant research community, actively supporting our student and staff researchers. We continually seek opportunities to collaborate with other universities and to work with organisations and businesses to commercialise research outcomes.

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A grey haired man stretching his arm over his head
A fighting future

Prostate Cancer Exercise

New research from Edith Cowan University has shown that exercise causes muscles to secrete proteins called myokines into our blood that can suppress tumour growth and even help actively fight cancerous cells.

Fried grasshopper (belalang goreng) served with sambal, onion, garlic, chili on wood background
Safe and sustainable food

Putting bugs on the menu

As the world searches for more sustainable forms of food, ;Edith Cowan University research ;has identified 20 proteins found in cricket food products which could cause serious allergic reactions for people consuming protein-rich, nutrient-dense insects.

Senior man on treadmill with therapist in fitness studio
Psychological distress

Exercise oncology

For more than 15 years hg8868皇冠's Exercise Medicine Research Institute has been at the forefront of the science and clinical practice behind exercise oncology.

Now, an hg8868皇冠 research team led by Professor Daniel Galvão has published the most convincing evidence to date that exercise doesn't just have physical benefits for people with cancer.

Two soccer players from opposing teams playing on grass field, at night, lit by floodlights
hg8868皇冠 Sports Research Goes Global

ACRISP research

Researchers from the Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP), are working with national and international sports bodies to translate elite-level research into practical advancements for sport and public health.

Firefighter standing in front of a wall of flames
Disaster trauma

Helping the heroes

The COVID-19 pandemic and Australia's 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfires have taken a heavy toll on those on the frontline of disaster response.

Edith Cowan University disaster expert Associate Professor Erin Smith's research into the impact on first responders has uncovered the startling psychological trauma that remains long after the crisis subsides.

Jungle scene
Fighting disease

Environmental management

Researchers from Edith Cowan University are at the forefront of the fight against water-related diseases in the IndoPacific Region, with a focus on Fiji.

Unlike traditional medical research, the research team is intent on making a positive impact on human health through environmental management.

Human and robot hand connecting
Improving lives

Medical research meets AI

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a gamechanger in the field of medical research, transforming clinicians' ability to accurately and rapidly diagnose disease. Professor David Suter is spearheading hg8868皇冠's efforts in this exciting area.

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Natural and Built Environments

Models of molecule hydrogen floating against blue background - H2 scientific element
The quest for green hydrogen

The holy grail of renewables

According to Edith Cowan University's Professor Hongqi Sun, green hydrogen is the holy grail of future energy sustainability. Professor Sun and his team are developing photocatalysts that can accelerate the process of producing green hydrogen whilst improving energy efficiency.

Pink sunrise over a river surrounded by mangroves
Flighting climate change

Blue carbon economy

In world-first research, an international team led by Edith Cowan University's Dr Oscar Serrano has accurately quantified the amount of greenhouse gases –or 'blue carbon' –being absorbed and emitted by Australian marine ecosystems.

Turtle swimming across seagrass meadow
Global impact


Edith Cowan University's ground-breaking marine science research will inform global climate change policy for years to come.

Child drinking glass of water
Drinking clean water


hg8868皇冠 researcher Professor Hongqi Sun is developing a treatment process that can simultaneously filter out the microplastics from water, while breaking down the organic pharmaceutical contaminants into harmless compounds.

Close-up of liquid being poured in flask
Clean the world

Metal filtration

It may look like a simple piece of aluminium foil, but when added to wastewater this high-tech strip of iron can remove impurities in just minutes.

The breakthrough offers new applications in the mining, textile and other industries where large amounts of wastewater are produced.

Greenhouse powered by nanotechnology
Greening the future

Solar Glass

Researchers at Edith Cowan University have developed a high-tech type of glass that uses nanotechnology to harvest solar energy from the sun.

The energy-harvesting clear glass can generate up to 50 watts of power per square metre of surface area while still allowing visible light to pass through.

Securing Digital Futures

Man silhouette in hat and raincoat standing in the light of opening door in dark room
More Amazon than mafia

The business of cybercrime

New research from Edith Cowan University is overturning the common trope that online organised crime groups are just like traditional mafia in the internet age.

According to lead researcher Dr Roberto Musotto, these cybercrime organisations are more like traditional online retailers found on Amazon than the Cosa Nostra.

Glowing biometric fingerprint
A safer world

Cyber security

Fingerprints are fast-disappearing as a secure means to access smartphones – cyber criminals have found ways around it.

However, Edith Cowan University's Security Research Institute is developing a biometric security system that scans both your fingerprint and the veins in your finger.

Society and Culture

Australian magpie perching on a page of sheet music
Musical inspiration

Bird Song

New research from Edith Cowan University has focused on birdsong, where native Western Australian birds are the composers, paired with experimental instruments in an engaging new music project.

Teacher reading to students

Kids' books missing the mark on gender

New research from Edith Cowan University has revealed childrens' books are perpetuating outdated stereotypes of gender roles including boys playing sport, doing physical work and girls as passive onlookers.

Father and son are reading a book and smiling while spending time together at home
Reading for life

Arresting the rise in aliteracy

hg8868皇冠 literacy researcher Dr Margaret Merga is developing strategies to prevent the rise of aliteracy – teenagers who have developed the basic mechanics of literacy, but are uninterested in continuing to read for pleasure in adulthood.