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Complaints Resolution and Integrity

Complaints Resolution and Integrity

The University welcomes feedback (including any concerns or complaints) as an avenue for continuous improvement and to assist us in creating and maintaining a safe, positive and harmonious learning and work environment for our students and staff.

We place a high value on integrity and have a vision for hg8868皇冠 students, graduates and staff to be highly regarded as ethical contributors to society.

We have commitment to creating an environment that promotes ethical conduct by embracing standards of quality, reliability and lawfulness.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment

At hg8868皇冠, we have zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment. Over many years, policies have been developed to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment and ensure that services are in place to support students and staff when they disclose or report an incident.

Information on how to support someone who discloses sexual assault
and/or sexual harassment can be found in:

More information available on the Student Intranet or to report an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment:

How to make a complaint

Complaints resolution Thumbnail

Complaints Resolution

How does hg8868皇冠 handle and resolve student, public and staff complaints? How do I lodge a formal complaint?

hg8868皇冠 students Thumbnail

hg8868皇冠 Students

What are my rights, obligations and resources available to me?

hg8868皇冠 staff Thumbnail

hg8868皇冠 Staff

Where do I go to lodge a complaint or report conduct related issues?


Conflict of interest Thumbnail

Conflict of Interest / Acceptance of Gifts by hg8868皇冠 Staff

I have a conflict of interest as a staff member, how and where do I declare? I received a gift, can I keep it and what are my obligations?

Equality and diversity Thumbnail

Equality, Diversity and Disability

I have a disability and need further assistance. What options are available to me?

Fraud and misconduct Thumbnail

Fraud and Misconduct Prevention Management

How do I report suspected misconduct or fraud? Does the University have a policy and guidelines I can refer to?

Public interest disclosure Thumbnail

Public Interest Disclosure

What is a Public Interest Disclosure and how do I make one?

Reporting Incidents

People in line to enter an event.

Personal safety or wellbeing concern

If you have any concerns about your safety or the wellbeing of any person then please report them to our incident management team using our online incident report form.

Health and safety

Occupational Health and Safety incident

Staff are responsible for reporting any incident involving a staff member, student, contractor or visitor. This must be reported to your supervisor as soon as practical.

Information security

Information Security Incident

Report abusive or suspicious emails, unusual behaviour of computer equipment etc.

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